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To buy refurbished or not to buy refurbished; With the busy school year rearing behind us it's time to stop procrastinating on that new laptop. With expense prices affecting the way we buy, its easy to see why one would put off the event for such time. I am going to outline the pros and cons on refurbished MacBooks, specifically the new MacBook Air 13.3" 128GB SSD. There are just a few precious days of summer vacation left. Either way, you've missed all the back-to-school deals, right? Not quite.

Amazon just unveiled some sales aimed at students. Amazon is offering great deals on the new MacBook Air, new and refurbished.

MacBook Air 13.3" 128GB SSD 2017 Model
Mac Book Air
Here is the listed Pros of buying refurbished Mac, iMac:
  1. Big Savings! 
MacBook can be extremely expensive especially for students, that is why I would recommend buying refurbished. You can save tons on the latest hardware or in some cases get it for free in bundled deals. As they say “a penny saved is a penny earned” and Like Amazon says Save Money, Live Better! You are saying money and good quality products, with FREE SHIPPING!
  1. Quality Ensured - Thorough Testing
Products returned to the seller go through usual additional testing and reinstalling of OS and software’s. If it had a problem at initial ship that could be reproduced immediately, then it’s most likely fixed.
  1. 30 - 90 Day Gaurantee
Some sellers provide warranty upto 1 year. Sometimes it varies from 30 -90 days depending on the seller.

Here is the list of Cons:

   1.  There aren't any!

If you are ready to make up your mind and finally purchase that new laptop, amazon is offering awesome deals for back to School on refurbished MacBook Air 13.3" 2017 Models.

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